Monthly Archives: October 2010

Boo! How Speakers Overcome Their Fear Of Speaking

Considering just how much effort it takes to give a speech, it’s perfectly natural that every speaker should feel at least some level of nervousness. However, when we start to “shut down” because we’re so scared about giving a speech that’s when we start to realize that this whole nervousness […]

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Four Ways To Show Your Audience That You Hate Them (Not!)

Giving a great speech is one thing, understanding how to not give a bad speechcan be something completely different. Lots of self-help books, trainers, and blogs (like this one) will show you a 1,000 different ways to become a better speaker, but maybe what you really need is some suggestions […]

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How To Use PowerPoint To Kill Your Audience (Figuratively)

Hopefully we can all agree that as a speaker, you should never start a speech with intention of killing some or all of your audience– your chances of being asked back go way done if you do. Given this, why are you still using such bad PowerPoint slides? Shooting Bullets […]

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