Creating A Speech That Works From The Ground Up

October 11, 2016

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!When you are asked to give a speech, what is the first thing that you do when you sit down to create the speech? Do you spend time thinking about the overall body the speech that you want to give? […]

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Designing The Perfect Speech

October 4, 2016

Hmm, “the perfect speech”, so just exactly what would that be? First off, it would be a speech that we would feel confident in giving – we’d take the stage and because of the importance of public speaking we would confidently tell our speech without ever losing our way. Our audience would be hanging on […]

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First Things First: How To Start A Speech

September 27, 2016

Creating a speech is something that I think that all of us put a lot of time into because we understand the importance of public speaking. When we’ve been asked to make a presentation, we take our responsibility seriously and we try to do all of the things that we know that we should do: […]

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New Book: Tools Speakers Need In Order To Give The Perfect Speech

September 20, 2016

As speakers, we want to create the best speech that we can. In order to do this we can make use of a large number of tools that are available. However, we first have to know about the tools that we have access to and then we need to know how to go about using […]

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How To Become A Speaker Who Is An Online Leader

September 20, 2016

Remember the old days? Those were the days when we’d write a speech, travel to where we were going to be giving it, wait for our time to talk, get up on stage and deliver our speech, and then drive home? Well, welcome to the 21st Century. Now that so much can be done online, […]

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A Different Way To Do Presentations: Prezi

September 13, 2016

Every presentation that we give is an opportunity for us to use the importance of public speaking tocapture our audience’s imagination and get them to believe in whatever we are telling them about. However, making this happen seems to becoming harder and harder. I’m not sure why, but the arrival of cell phones with big […]

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How To Make Your Next Speech Unforgettable

August 30, 2016

In order for the effort that we put into creating and delivering a speech to all be worth it, we need to get something out of the presentation. Yes, if you are being paid to speak, then you are getting something, but even then we speakers want more. What we want is for our audience […]

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The Power Of Contrast In Your Next Speech

August 23, 2016

One of my favorite experts in the world of making presentations is lady named Nancy Duarte. She runs a company called Duarte Inc which specializes in helping presenters get their message across using great visuals and she really understands the importance of public speaking. The company’s biggest claim to fame so far is that they […]

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Speakers Need To Learn To Put More Of Themselves Into Each Speech

August 16, 2016

As speakers we understand the importance of public speaking and so we want the time and energy that we put into creating and delivering a speech to be worth something. There are a lot of different ways to measure just exactly how effective a speech that we give is, but it’s ultimately our ability to […]

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3 Very Small Ways To Become A Better Speaker

August 9, 2016

I don’t mind telling you that I’d like to become a better speaker. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that because of the importance of public speaking you pretty much feel the same way. However, we always face the big challenge – what do we need to do in order to become better? Should […]

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