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If you have just a moment, I’ve got one quick question for you. The blog, the newsletter, and everything else that I do is all done with one goal in mind — to make every speech that you give better.

The only problem with this is that you and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and have a talk. If we had, then I would have asked you what’s the one thing about public speaking that you’d like to know more about?

This could be anything from how to write a great speech, what to do while you are giving it, or all of those other little things like how to set up a room before you start to speak. Give it a thought and once you’ve come up with what you’d tell me, then tell me! Click on this link and send me a quick email with your thought. I’ll reply to it and you will have helped me to make The Accidental Communicator just a little bit better!

Welcome to the family!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

4 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. it was helpful to me.
    I have started an NGO involved in motivating people to go to school and creating awareness of environmental issues and conservation.
    I am trying to solicit funds at the moment for the conservation of a 10 -acre land along River Ankobra in Ghana estuary in the Western Region.

  2. Hi, this website has totally changed me.
    I would like to thank you for your remarkable invoice on problems that everyone faces, I , in particular hate speaking in public but now through this website i have gained more confidence and hope it continues !

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