A List of Some Must Have Office Supplies for Any Work Space

A List of Some Must Have Office Supplies for Any Work Space
A List of Some Must Have Office Supplies for Any Work Space

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Your office space and desk are crucial to your productivity levels and can affect your mood and well being. Messy desks with paper and sticky notes everywhere indicate a disorganized mind. The opposite is also true: a clean, neat, well-organized desk can send the message that you take your job seriously.

For offices to run smoothly, they need supplies and equipment to make everyone’s job easier. From paper shredders and printers to file organizers and stationery, every office deserves to be clutter-free. 

Read on to discover a list of must have office supplies to improve your desk and organize your space better.

Stationery and Paper

The first things on your list are paper and stationery items. You need pens, pencils, markers, staplers, tape, highlighters, paper clips, scissors, and other essentials.

Then, you need printing paper, notebooks, notepads, and sticky notes. Before you order office supplies, it may be a good idea to go around the office and ask what your employees need. This way, you’ll avoid ordering too much and spend extra money on things they don’t use.

Printer and Scanner

Printers, copiers, and scanners are three of the most important office organization supplies. No matter how many online tools and apps you use to reduce paper consumption, there will always be something to print.

Invest in quality machines that will stand the frequent usage, but also make sure someone maintains them regularly. Also, always have extra cartridges and ink for the printer/copier to prevent smudged or blank documents.

Storage and File Organizers

To make sure your office feels uncluttered at all times, install several storage cabinets throughout the space. Other supplies like organizing binders for work and file folders can help keep important documents in one place. 

If possible, get drawer organizers for each desk to help people organize their work surface better. If you have a kitchen, install storage units there as well to keep the space clean and the food protected.

Technology and Software

Aside from computers, you’ll also need additional equipment like keyboards, mouses, speakers/headphones, projectors, phones, and routers. Every desk should be fully equipped, and you should try to have a few extra pieces of each item in case of an emergency.

Then, you’ll need software and tools that your employees use to do their jobs. This includes apps and tools for managing the business, bookkeeping, invoicing, appointment scheduling, website maintenance, security, marketing and social media tools, and employee time tracking.

Lamps and Lighting

A well-lit office can help people feel happier and more productive, even on gloomy days. Even if the office gets enough natural light, you still need a lighting system for fall and winter when days are shorter.

Invest in proper ceiling lighting, but also install some fixtures on the walls or get floor or desk lamps for people who need extra light. If your employees do evening shifts or stay late, make sure the office is well-lit even when it’s dark outside.

Trash Disposal

If your office goes through a lot of paper, you’ll need a trash disposal system. Each desk or cubicle needs its own trash can, and there should be at least one big trash can around the kitchen and lounge areas.

If your office has a recycling program, make sure there are properly marked containers for paper, plastic, metal, batteries, and organic waste. Don’t forget to add boxes near the paper shredders to collect the waste. 

Office Furniture

If you’re wondering how to organize office supplies into one place, shelves and drawer units are your allies. Aside from storage, your office also needs chairs, desks, conference room furniture, coffee tables, and bookcases.

You can also include some electronics like a TV to add a fun factor in the office or a coffee station with bar chairs. If you have a lounge room or area, fill it with comfortable furniture like bean bags, sofas, and armchairs.

A mini kitchen with a table and chairs is a great way to establish a relaxed atmosphere where people can eat and socialize during their breaks.

Mailing Supplies

If you have a smaller office, you don’t need a separate mail room, but you still need mailing supplies. Whether you send contracts, marketing materials, or invoices, you’ll need envelopes, shipping boxes, stamps, shipping labels, markers, and packaging tape.

If you ship products directly from your office, also order packing fill like packing paper, shreds, peanuts, bubble wrap or air pillows. For some items, you may need additional protection like sturdy boxes or cling film to make sure the packages arrive safely.

Whiteboards and Projectors

Whiteboards are projectors are essential organizational tools for the office. They’re the best office supplies for meetings, collaborations, and presentations, even for smaller teams.

You can go for the classic whiteboard with markers or get an interactive smartboard with a touchscreen. Smartboards are a bit more costly, but they’re bigger and more functional than a regular whiteboard. You can draw with markers, your fingers or special pens, and highlight, erase, and write without the mess.

Time Tracking and Planning Supplies

Running a business and leading a team can be overwhelming, so you should plan your time wisely. Get a calendar for your desk or hang one on the wall. This will help you highlight important dates and keep track of the work that’s being done.

Also, time tracking software may be useful if your employees are paid by the hour or work on hourly projects. There are great productivity apps that you can use to collaborate with your team and avoid back-and-forth emails, long meetings, or paper documents.

Get These Must Have Office Supplies Today!

Whether you work at a big open-space office or you have an office at home, these must have office supplies will make your workspace more pleasant and better organized.

A fully stocked office can help you and your employees be more productive and do your job faster and easier.