How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney Your Complete Guide

How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney Your Complete Guide
How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney Your Complete Guide

Giving a speech on an emotionally charged topic is a difficult thing to do. As speakers we need to be sure that we understand the audience that we’ll be talking to and how they feel about the topic that we’ll be discussing with them. When we are asked to give speeches like this, one of the best things that we can do is a good job of researching our topic. Even if our audience has strong feelings about what we’ll be talking about, they won’t be able to argue with the facts that we are presenting to them. A good example of doing this has to do with trying to find the best divorce attorney.

According to the American Bar Association, there are over 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. There are nearly 33,000 in Georgia alone. No wonder people find it difficult to choose the right attorney for their needs.

Are you looking to hire a divorce attorney? If so, check out this guide to learn how to find the best divorce attorney.

Finding the Best Divorce Attorney

Most people who are faced with the challenge of finding a divorce attorney have no experience of doing this. This time in your life can be emotional, stressful and certainly not a time when you want to be learning new skills.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for you could easily find yourself facing unnecessary expense. The wrong attorney could mean that you have a drawn-out divorce, full of emotional and financial problems. More financial worries and emotional trauma are the last things you need at this time.

With a clear plan of action, you can find the right divorce attorney for you. This could make your divorce less expensive and faster.

So, how do you do this?

Clear Goals

Your goal in this process is to get divorced. You should not be hiring a divorce attorney if your goal is not to get divorced. This might sound an obvious thing to say but in the midst of marriage break up your feelings may be confused.

There are alternatives to divorce if you have a problem with your marriage. Counseling can be helpful. Explore your feelings and those of your partner fully before making the decision to divorce

Even if you decide to divorce, you may not need a divorce attorney. You can hire a mediator to help negotiate with your spouse. This can be less expensive and quicker than hiring an attorney.

If your spouse threatens a divorce you may feel that you need legal advice. If the threat seems serious, read on here.

If you have any complexity such as children or there are difficult financial decisions to make you will need an attorney. Depending on your circumstances you may opt for a collaborative divorce where your aim is to maintain a positive co-parenting relationship. Alternatively, if there is little agreement between the parties, you may have no alternative than to opt for a litigated trial.

When starting to select a divorce attorney, be clear about your goals. You should be able to present your goals to a prospective attorney, simply and clearly. You will then be able to assess their response and decide whether they are likely to deliver your goals.

Understand the Attorneys Job

When deciding whether an attorney is right for you, it’s important that you asses the right things. You should be assessing whether they will do their job well. For example, being a friend’s cousin, or being a member of the same golf club is no indication of their ability as a divorce attorney.

Your divorce attorney will be tasked with dissolving your assets. They may also be resolving custody disputes. A good attorney will represent your interests well.

It’s possible that you are feeling angry and frustrated. You may be feeling hurt and emotional. It’s tempting to talk to your attorney about these feelings and they may be a good listener.

A divorce attorney is not a trained counselor and while the clock is running you will be paying high attorney rates for them to listen to you. You may feel better after talking about your feelings but this is a waste of your money.

Don’t choose a divorce attorney because they seem to feel your pain. Choose an attorney who will help you navigate the legal process and represent your interests well.


You may want to resolve this decision quickly but don’t be tempted to pick the first attorney you meet. This decision is an important one and it’s worth taking some time over. All divorce attorneys are not the same so compare and contrast at least three before making the decision.

Focus on attorneys who specialize in family law. Experience in similar types of divorce cases is also an important requirement. Everybody, including attorneys, have to start somewhere, but you don’t have to volunteer to be their first case.

Local experience is also important. All family law judges have their quirks and individual style. Local experience can help with deciding on the best legal strategies.

Ask for personal recommendations from friends and associates. Ask what it was about them that made them effective as a divorce attorney.

Ask other lawyers for their recommendations. If you have used an estate or trust lawyer they are likely to know the reputations of other attorneys. Check client reviews on websites.

Choose three divorce attorneys for your shortlist.

Do Your Homework

If you aren’t an attorney yourself it may seem difficult to assess an attorney’s capability. You can make some judgments about their capability during a short interview. Many divorce attorneys will meet you for a short interview at no cost.

You can ask them about their knowledge and experience and assess whether they communicate well. Ask them to tell you about when they have negotiated on their clients’ behalf and solved problems.

Do they sound authentic? Have they got examples, without breaking confidentiality, that they can give you of their work?

Ask about how much their legal services will cost. If you can’t afford their fees, don’t waste any more time on them.

Ask who will be dealing with the case and you may find that the divorce attorney you meet is not the person who will deal with most of the routine work. Ask to meet the person who will be doing the work.

Take Care

Be wary of attorneys making wild promises. An attorney who is clear that there are no guarantees is probably the more reliable attorney. If they divulge information about other clients and break confidentiality, be sure they will have the same disregard for your confidential information.

An attorney who criticizes the other attorneys on your shortlist is not abiding by the ethics of their profession. They will be unlikely to have the respect of their colleagues and so may have difficulties in negotiations and representing your interests.

If they fail to give you their total attention in an interview and are distracted by other tasks, you should worry. They are likely to be distracted when they should be focusing on your case. 

Choose Wisely

With rational selection criteria and a solid process, you can make a wise selection. You will have the best divorce attorney for you. One who will represent your interests, well.

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