Why Your Business May Need a Staffing Agency

Why Your Business May Need a Staffing Agency

Why Your Business May Need a Staffing Agency

Did you know that in September and November 2018 the unemployment rate in the United States dropped to a 49-year low of 3.7%? During and following the 35-day partial government shutdown, it rose to 3.9% in December and 4% in January 2019. With the government shutdown over, the unemployment rate is once again expected to drop. You can read more about this here.


What does the drop in the rate of unemployment mean for the employer?


The reduced rate of unemployment simply means that you have less people who are not employed. We can therefore assume that the few left unemployed are either unemployable or largely unskilled. Looking at it also from the economic point of view – the law of supply and demand, with the low unemployment rate, the demand for skilled workers will be more competitive as most of them will likely already be employed.


Faced with this situation, an employer can decide to settle for anyone who is available and by so doing risk a drop in the quality of their deliverables. An employer can also decide to poach skilled workers from other firms. This may mean paying higher wages than they would normally have paid.


Interestingly, whether an employer decides to choose their staff from available workers or to poach from other companies, their best bet for finding the best in any of these categories is going through a staffing agency.

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

To help you properly appreciate why your business may be better off with a staffing agency, we will look at some benefits that these agencies can offer you.



Staffing agencies deal exclusively with the employment and staff management process. This makes them much better at it than most Human Resource departments can ever hope to be.

With this level of expertise, they are able to quickly match you with the right candidate. This efficiency on their part also increases your own efficiency. Assuming you need a particular set of skills to complete a project, you can easily get a temporary staff from an agency without jeopardizing the project. Once the project is done, the temporary help goes back to the pool.

This keeps things very simple for the employer.


Time Saving

The efficiency we mentioned above helps you save a lot of time. The other alternative would have been to go through the process of advertising for the job, shortlisting applicants for the job, interviewing shortlisted candidates and going through the whole “shinding” until you find (or not) the right candidate.

When you turn to a staffing agency, they simply pick the best fit from their pool within a very short time.


Cost Saving

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it takes about 42 days to fill a position and the process costs about $4,129. That is if a business or organization is hiring internally. Both the cost and how long it takes is significantly reduced when you hire through an agency.

The reason is simple. Whereas you will need to start from the very beginning, placing ads and taking it from there, the agency already has qualified and potential employees in their database. All they need to do is find out which best suits your requirements.

Aside from the direct cost of hiring, there is also the issue of lost revenue. Some members of your existing team will need to focus on the hiring process, thereby spending time on activities that do not yield direct revenue. Using an agency takes care of this, ensuring that your revenue does not drop while you are trying to fill a position.


The above are just a few examples of some of the benefits a business can gain from using a staffing agency. To check out more benefits, you can read this: https://content.wisestep.com/awesome-benefits-hiring-staffing-agency/.