1st Art Oil Painting Reproductions

When we are creating a speech, we often sit down and try to come up with ideas for what we want to present to our audience. One of the biggest challenges that we face is getting inspiration. It turns out that one place that we can go to get inspired for our speeches is when we take the time to look at high quality art work.

1st Art Oil Painting Reproductions – What it takes to be the Best

With art masterpieces going for up to hundreds of millions of dollars as shown in this article, any attempt at reproducing these works must be top notch. An artwork can only be described as a copy if it truly is a copy of the original. An art reproduction is not something you look at and go “Ew!” A true copy is a work you look at and ask if it is the original copy because it looks exactly like the original.

There are only a few places you can get this quality of reproduction job done. If we are to go by the reviews and feedback from folks who have used reproduction services before, 1st Art appears to be on top of this list. This is clearly something they have excelled at for years.

Before we go ahead to look at what makes a company excel at art reproduction, let’s do a brief review of the subject.

What Is an Art Reproduction?

Here is the simplest way to define it. Art reproduction refers to the copying of a work of art by someone other than the original artist. This can be done by print or by hand painting.

The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503. There is one original which is on display at the Louvre Museum Paris, France. You cannot have this original even if you had the over $600 million which is what it was valued at in 2016 because it is currently not for sale.

That said, a master artist can paint this exact masterpiece for you on the same oil medium as the original such that it will be difficult to tell apart from the original. This painting of the Mona Lisa will be known as a reproduction regardless of how exactly like the original it is. You can go to this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Determine-if-a-Painting-Is-an-Original-or-Reproduction to learn the basics of determining if a painting is an original or reproduction.

What Makes a Great Art Reproduction Company?

From the reviews on Trust Pilot, there are a number of factors that made people review some companies more favorably than they did others. What are these factors and what do they offer that make them stand out? These are some of the issues we will be trying to address in this section.


The very first thing to consider is how much experience the company has acquired. The easiest way to ascertain this is to look at how long they have been in business for. In addition to this, find out their reputation among their previous clients, this will enable you know if they are likely to do a good job.

Quality of Clientele

Look at the quality and class of its clientele. Companies that serve high-class clientele are more likely to deliver top quality reproduction job. The simple reason for this is that this level of clients will not settle for just any quality of work.

Highly Talented and Trained Artists

The quality of a company’s staff will determine the quality of service they can deliver. Ensure the company you choose only works with the best of artists.

Hand Painted Reproduction

To get a really authentic oil reproduction job, look for those that do hand-painted reproduction.

Made to Order

Whether you are ordering a reproduction job or a custom job, each job should be done exactly to order. This can include size, packaging etc. Should be able to determine exactly what you want.

Number of Reviews Allowed

To ensure you get exactly what you want, you should be carried along all through the process of painting. You should also be given the opportunity to review the work. You should actually look out for companies that offer unlimited reviews.

Initial Deposit

What is the minimum deposit you are required to put down before work can commence? Companies that are sure of their quality take as little 10% before commencing work. This gives the client some confidence because the company bears most of the risk since you only get to pay at the conclusion of the job.


Guarantees are important in this business. Look for a company that will offer you some form of guarantee like no work is shipped out until the client has seen and approved it or a 100% money back guarantee. A top-quality company would always offer good guarantees.

The few points we have looked above are some of the major characteristics of top art reproduction companies. Any company that does not meet all or at least most of the above should not be considered for any serious work.

This is what it takes to be the best in the midst of intense competition. This is what the best looks like.