How To Grab Attention And Never Let It Go

In order to grab attention you need to become more charismatic
In order to grab attention you need to become more charismatic
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It takes a lot of effort to create a speech. You have to write it, practice it, and eventually deliver it. As long as we are going to all of this effort and because of the importance of public speaking, it sure seems as though we should also be trying to find ways to grab our audience’s attention and hold on to it throughout our speech. As easy as this is to say, it turns out that it’s actually quite difficult to do. One thing that we need to understand is that we know how we view the world. However, what a lot of us don’t know is how the world views us. If we can figure this out, then we can become more confident and even more authentic to our audiences and we’ll be able to grab on to their attention.

Are You All About Change?

If you want to be able to grab your audience’s attention, then you are going to have to take the time to get to know yourself. Your distinct personality can be one of many different types. Some of us are change agents who are creative and who have strong goals. Others are more nurturing, comforting, and supporting. Yet others are analytical and pragmatic. The good news is that no matter what type of personality we have, we all have the ability to grab our audience’s attention. One of the most important things that we need to understand is that when we are giving a speech, we need to deliver it as the type of personality we are. If we try to be a personality that we are not, then we will end up lacking confidence and we will appear to be unfocused.

Some personalities come with built in personal magnetism. However, other personalities have other characteristics that an audience may find just as fascinating. Each personality has the ability to grab an audience’s attention. When we deliver a speech and we use our natural personality, what will happen is that our audience is going to be more likely to listen to what we have to tell them, remember what we’ve told them, and then with a little luck, take action. What we need to do before starting any speech is to take a moment and appreciate what our personality is. By doing this we can then take the stage and stay in the flow and come across as being more authentic to our audience.

If we really want to do a good job of grabbing our audience’s attention, then we need to take the time to focus on those traits that come naturally to us. If we can do this, then it will come across in our speech because we will be more engaging, we’ll relax, and we will be able to focus on the message that we want to deliver. If you don’t do this, then you run the risk of downplaying your dominate traits as you try desperately to be something that you really are not. When you do this, you are going to end up losing those qualities that in the end will make you most compelling to your audience.

How To Do A Better Job Of Grabbing Attention

In order to be able to grab an audience’s attention we need to understand just exactly what charisma is. It turns out that it is really a form of emotional focus. What this means is that when we allow our entire body to become consumed with the emotion that we are trying to relate to our audience we are being charismatic. When we can do this, our audiences who are hard-wired to respond to this type of display of strong emotions will offer their attention up to us and allow us to grab it.

When we are being charismatic, how we talk is going to be very important. The words that we select to use will have a big impact on our audience. We want our words to come across as being both clear and straight. What this means is that what we don’t want to do is to use any weasel words or appear to be using bureaucratic double talk. Make sure that you let your audience fully understand what they should expect from you and what you want them to do.

Something else that can happen that will prevent us from grabbing our audience’s attention is that we can allow ourselves to become distracted. Our goal during a speech should be to apply our emotional focus. However, if we allow ourselves to start to think about all of the different things that could possibly go wrong during a speech, then we can end up getting distracted. When this happens, during our speech our body language will let our audience know that we are distracted. When we take the stage, we need to make sure that we don’t wear out our audience by walking all over the stage. Take a position and then allow your charisma to come out.

What All Of This Means For You

As long as you are going to be giving a speech, you may as well go ahead and make the most of the benefits of public speaking by grabbing your audience’s attention. By doing this you will increase your chances of making sure that your audience pays attention to you while you are speaking, understands your message, and then takes action once you are done. In order to do this, you need to have a good understanding of what your particular personality is.

In order to grab an audience’s attention, the first thing that you are going to have to do is to make sure that you fully understand what your personality is. Every personality type has the ability to capture an audience’s attention. We just need to make sure that when we give our speech we do so using our genuine personality. If we try to use another personality, then we’ll come across as being unfocused. When we give a speech using our natural personality, we need be able to focus on our message and we’ll come across as being more relaxed. In order to grab an audience’s attention we need to use charisma which is simply a form of emotional focus. We need to make sure that the words that we use are straight and direct. During our speech we need to make sure that we don’t allow ourselves to become distracted otherwise our audience will know it.

Every speaker can have a great speech in which they are able to grab their audience’s attention. However, in order to do this we first have to take the time to understand what our personality type is. Once we know this, we can then deliver a speech that is true to our personality and by doing so we’ll be sure to capture our audience’s attention and successfully deliver our message.

– Dr. Jim Anderson
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Question For You: What do you think is the best way to tell if your have captured your audience’s attention?

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Note: What we talked about are advanced speaking skills. If you are just starting out I highly recommend joining Toastmasters in order to get the benefits of public speaking. Look for a Toastmasters club to join in your home town by visiting the web site Toastmasters is dedicated to helping their members to understand the importance of public speaking by developing listening skills and getting presentation tips. Toastmasters is how I got started speaking and it can help you also!

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