Law Firm Technology: How to Keep Your Firm on The Cutting Edge

Law Firm Technology: How to Keep Your Firm on The Cutting Edge
Law Firm Technology: How to Keep Your Firm on The Cutting Edge

One of the most enjoyable speeches that we can be called upon to give is what I like to to think of as a “forward looking” speech. The reason that I like this type of speech is that we are being asked to give our opinion on what the future will hold for our audience. I like these kinds of speeches because since the future has not yet arrived, there’s really no way that anyone can call me out and say that I’m wrong! However, we do need to take the time to study our audience, understand their type of business, and match our speech to their specific needs. As an example, let’s take a look at what one of these speeches would look like for a law firm.

s of 2020, the global market for law businesses is valued at a staggering $850 billion. In recent years, law firms and in-house legal teams have increasingly begun leveraging technology to foster growth. Today, there’s a mass of law technology that looks for problems and delivers solutions. 

If you run a legal practice, one of the ways to lay the foundation for your company’s prosperity is by investing in law firm technology. Such technology can streamline your law practice, significantly reduce inefficiencies, and boost profitability. 

Legal tech can that is innovative, functional, and accessible can allow your attorneys to maximize their time and offer optimal service to your clients. As today’s lawyers opt increasingly opt to work outside the office, firms need to provide seamless remote working capabilities to set their attorneys up for success. Legal tech plays a central role in providing these capabilities in both tangible and satisfying ways.  

How can you adopt legal technology that keeps your firm on the cutting edge? In this golden era of law technology, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the available options. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help you get you started.

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Invest in Reliable Law Practice Management Software

Legal practice management software has transformed the legal landscape in recent years. The software typically consists of various office tools that can help attorneys run their legal firms efficiently and effectively. The software enables you to perform such essential tasks as:

  • Legal billing and payment processing 
  • Time-tracking 
  • Document assembly and management 
  • Task management 
  • Lead intake and tracking 
  • Law office reporting 
  • Safe communication and collaboration
  • Calendar and contact management 

There are many different products you can choose from when looking for law practice management software. You can opt to install macOS Big Sur, for instance, as the software offers excellent communication features among a ton of other features. There are lots of other great software platforms too. 

The key to choosing the ideal law office management software is to understand your needs thoroughly, carefully research different providers, and fully understand the software’s features. Remember, you may have to pay more than the software’s base cost to fully access specific features that may be crucial for your needs.

Consider Online Fax Services

It’s easy to think that faxes are a thing of the past. The truth, however, is that online faxes can help attorneys tremendously. Online fax services are unlike traditional fax machines in that they let you send and receive essential legal documents in digital form. 

Depending on which service you’re using, you can send legal documents via email, a smartphone app, or an online portal. Many services are available on a monthly or annual subscription, although you can still get some that allow clients to pay per use. 

Switch to VoIP Phone Systems

Communication is central to the success of any law practice. If you still use traditional phone systems, it’s time to switch to 21st-century voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technologies. With VoIP, communication with colleagues, clients, and service providers is easy, affordable, and seamless.

VoIP services provide much greater mobility and flexibility than traditional phone systems. Your attorneys can make and receive unlimited local and international calls. VoIP also enables you to:

  • Conduct conference calls 
  • Send and receive online faxes 
  • Forward calls to mobile or home phones 
  • Receive messages in different formats
  • Manage calls on the go 

Understandably, the idea of overhauling your phone system from landline to VoIP will probably seem strange in the beginning. With time, however, you’ll realize that the gains you make far outweigh all your misgivings. 

Purchase Scanning Tools

Top companies are increasingly going paperless, and you need to do so as well. There are many benefits that come with making the switch, including office space conservation, added flexibility and mobility, and digital data backup. 

To go paperless, you need to invest in reliable scanning equipment. Thanks to modern technology, there’s a variety of scanning tools you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Today, you can find low volume scanners, high volume scanners, mobile scanners, laser scanners, and more. 

Choose the Latest Document Assembly Software

You can easily eliminate repetition by automating all mundane aspects of document creation. Document assembly software makes it easy to create templates for the documents that your attorneys frequently use, including:

  • Intake forms 
  • Retainer agreements 
  • Pleadings 

After you’ve created the documents, the software does the rest by effectively auto-populating them. Depending on the software you’re using, it can automatically input relevant data into documents, saving you time, and boosting your firm’s productivity. Such data may include client information, case numbers, necessary dates, and party names.

Find the Best Videoconferencing Software

Videoconferencing has endless applications in today’s business world. In the legal world, the software can be used for:

  • Client meetings
  • Out-of-town depositions
  • Lawyer conferences 

At the moment, there are numerous options for videoconferencing tools. Attorneys can opt between videoconferencing tools that come free of charge and paid software that includes a wide array of helpful features. Regardless of your needs and budget, you can always find video conferencing software that perfectly fits the bill.

Invest in Website Design Tools

Every law firm needs an online presence. A great website is your digital front door. It’s the first thing potential clients see when searching for your services online. 

Launching your first website or revamping your current one can seem like a challenging endeavor. Of course, you can always get a professional web design expert to do the job for you. 

However, there are website design tools that can help you create or redesign your website. Research on the best tools for designing legal firm websites and opt for the best one for you.

Embrace Law Firm Technology to Move to the Next Level

Law firm technology can make or break your law practice’s day-to-day activities. Failure to embrace cutting edge technology can adversely affect your firm’s efficiency. Investing in the right technology, on the other hand, will keep you ahead of the pack.