New Book: Tools Speakers Need In Order To Give The Perfect Speech

As speakers, we want to create the best speech that we can. In order to do this we can make use of a large number of tools that are available. However, we first have to know about the tools that we have access to and then we need to know how to go about using […]

What Public Speakers Need To Know About Job Opportunities In The Federal Sector

One of the responsibilities that we have as public speakers is to share information with others about where they can find good jobs — jobs that require speaking skills and others. As kids go back to college this fall, it’s the perfect time to open their eyes to the job opportunities in the federal sector. […]

Book Review: “11 Deadly Presentation Sins”

I think that it’s safe to say that we’d all like to become better speakers. The big challenge that we face is just exactly how to go about making this happen. One of the biggest challenges that we face is that there seems to be so many different things that you have to do well […]

New book – How To Show What You Mean During A Presentation

All too often public speakers think that all that they have to work with are the words that will tumble out of their mouth during their next presentation. Whereas these words are important, a speech offers you many other ways to connect with your audience by demonstrating what you are talking about. What You’ll Find […]