How To Make Sure Your Next Speech Will Be A Success!

You can make your next speech turn out to be a success

Every speaker wants their next speech to be a successful speech. We do the things that we know that we have to do: we select a topic, write a speech, practice it, and then we end up just hoping that the importance of public speaking will make everything work out for us. However, it turns … Read more

Creating High Quality “A’s” For Q&As

As public speakers, we understand the importance of public speaking and so we take the time to prepare our speeches. We clearly identify who we’ll be talking to, pick a topic, build a speech, practice it, and then deliver it. That’s all there is to this public speaking stuff, right? Well, not exactly. There’s the … Read more

It’s The End Of The World – What’s A Public Speaker To Do?

Perhaps saying that it’s “the end of the world” is a bit overly dramatic; however, if you are giving a speech and things start to go wrong for you it sure can seem like it’s the end of the world. We live in a complex world in which it is entirely possible that things can … Read more

How Speakers Can Help Other Speakers Be Their Best

When we think about speaking in public, we normally think about one thing – ourselves. However, it turns out that that we really should be thinking bigger: how can we help other speakers do better? Since we know what it’s like to stand in front of an audience and try to give a speech, we … Read more

Tales From The Frontline Of Speaking: The Story Of A Keynote

Sure it’s all good for me to go on and on about how you can improve your public speaking skills; however, what happens when I get the call to come and deliver a keynote speech in front of a room of strangers? It’s times like this that everything that I’ve learned about public speaking gets … Read more

What To Do When You Say The Wrong Thing During A Presentation

I’m sure that none of you would ever screw-up and make a verbal blunder during a presentation, right? There is an AT&T ad running right now that captures this concept – a guy has just told an office about an upcoming merger when he really was supposed to have not mentioned it (mayhem ensues). When … Read more