Divorce Advice: Tips for a Smooth Separation

Divorce Advice: Tips for a Smooth Separation
Divorce Advice: Tips for a Smooth Separation

When we are asked to give a topic on what can be a sensitive topic, we need to tread carefully. These kind of speeches are very important; however, at the same time we need to understand that what we are going to be talking about can carry a great deal of emotional weight for our audience. As a speaker, what this means for you is that you are going to have to take the time and make sure that you understand your audience. Take the time to know where they are coming from and what is currently important to them. Once you know this, you can create a speech that will resonate with them. Let’s take a look at how you could go about creating a speech in which you would talk to an audience about the best ways to have a smooth separation.

Nearly 1 million people get divorced every year. That means there’s almost a 50% chance that if you get married today, at some point, you’ll go through the divorce process.

Divorces can be raw and are very rarely mutual. These conditions create a lot of problems as partners try to untangle their lives.

Before you fall into the pattern of getting ready for a separation war, consider the following divorce advice which could help you end things on a better note.

1. Explore a Mediator Before an Attorney

If you and your partner are not already in a divorce war, avoid getting into one by hiring a mediator before a lawyer.

Mediators are professionals that help navigate negotiations between divorcing parties in a way that’s affordable and helps everybody stay out of court. Divorce lawyers, on the other hand, are more aggressive which can make the divorce process harder and your relationship with your partner after a divorce impossible.

When navigating tricky situations like contempt of court, you may need to bite the bullet and hire an attorney or find free information online that touches on complicated subjects like this piece written by the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak.

2. Be Transparent

The more that you hide from your partner during a divorce, the more contentious things will get. In a perfect world, you and your partner can be transparent about what your mutual goals are, can come to agreements and can trust that you’ll uphold your ends of bargains.

3. Get Things in Writing

Trust is a great thing to have when going through a divorce. Unfortunately, handshake agreements are easily forgotten and can deepen divides.

For that reason, some of the best divorce advice that we can give you is to draft up all agreements in writing.

Doing something as simple as sending an email outlining what you and your partner talked about and asking for their confirmation can create a paper trail that you both can reference. Courts can consider these notes as well.

4. Consult With a Legal Professional Before Taking Action

Anything that you do during a divorce could be used against you in court. For example, if you anticipate you and your partner fighting over a family pet and proactively register your dog under your name, courts might see this as strategic and those actions may hurt your case.

Any time you’re going to stack the deck in your favor during a divorce, stop, take a breath and consult a professional.

5. Accept the Situation and Get Excited

If you’re not the party initiating a divorce, going through the separation process can be particularly hard. At this point, the best thing that you can do is accept your reality and start to get excited about what’s next.

Being single can be an empowering experience that may lead you to the person that you were truly meant to be with.

Take Our Divorce Advice, Sprinkle in Some Empathy and Things Will Be Okay

At the end of the day, having empathy and compassion for your partner’s needs during a divorce is the best policy since those emotions are likely to be reciprocated.

Take our divorce advice, lead with kindness and if your partner chooses to abuse your willingness to cooperate, hire a lawyer. No matter how clean or messy your divorce is, we can assure you that it’ll soon be over and you’ll be able to move onto the next chapter of your life.