What Did You Just Say?

Technical Presentation Skills
Technical Presentation Skills

Great technical skills are no substitute for poor communication skills. All too often some of your company’s best innovations and problem solving skills are locked up within your technical staff. They struggle to communicate their ideas using overloaded PowerPoint slides, rambling speeches, and confusing jargon. No matter if it’s the entry level programmer or the CIO, poor communication skills mean that their talent & ideas will remain untapped.

What to do? How many times have you sat though yet another set of presentations that took forever and yet you can’t seem to recall what was being said? I’m just a guilty as the next guy and yet, the information just won’t stick if the presentation is bad.

This is the blog to go to if you have been nodding your head to the above question. We’ll peel back the cover of just what makes technical staff tick and come up with ways to help them clarify their message. We’ve got to do something — nobody has time to waste in pointless presentations any more!

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