Bad Things Happen And Speakers Need To Know How To Deal With Them

Let’s face it – speaking in public is a risky undertaking. Sure, we practice and we prepare; however, that doesn’t mean that despite the importance of public speaking things can’t still happen while we are giving our speech. Since we don’t run the world (yet!), as speakers we need to realize that we live in … Read more

Good Speakers Know How To Work A Room

Speakers who want to be successful know that they have to connect with their audience. How to do this is the ultimate question that we’ve struggled with for years. I’m not claiming that I have all of the answers, but when I recently gave a keynote speech I had a chance to practice my “working … Read more

Never Be Lonely Again: How To Include Your Audience In Your Speech

Why Does Giving A Speech Have To Be So Lonely? Let’s face it – anyone can give a speech. However, not anyone can give a good speech. It sure seems as though if you’re going to go to all of the effort of preparing and delivering a speech, you sure would like to do a … Read more

You Are A Superhero Speaker: You’ve Got Word Power!

The Thing About Words As speakers we have a tendency to focus on the things that scare us the most – forgetting our words, nervous body tics, etc. and we can often overlook the things that really count: making an impression on our audience. We see these images of sharply dressed orators presenting fantastic multimedia … Read more

What American Idol Can Teach Speakers (It’s Not What You Think)

Why Should A Speaker Watch A Singing Show? I’m pretty sure that by now everyone has at least heard about the TV show “American Idol”. It’s the most popular show on television right now and everyone seems to be talking and gossiping about it all the time. Outside of being a great source of entertainment, … Read more