Public Speakers Need To Know How To Master Time

Time is a funny thing. Before we start to deliver a speech, it can seem as though we have all of the time in the world – how ever are we going to fill up the time that we’ve been given to deliver our speech in? However, once we take the stage or step into … Read more

Panel Session Checklist

I don’t know about you, but my life is ruled by checklists. What this means is that once I’ve done something once and figured out the steps that are involved in doing it, I’ll make a checklist so that the next time that I do it I won’t forget anything. As speakers there are times … Read more

How Speakers Handle That FEAR Thing…

Remember when your Mom was tucking you into your bed at night and she told you that there was nothing to be afraid of so that you could go to sleep? Well guess what, she was only partially right. It turns out that a whole lot of us havea deep down fearof getting up in … Read more

Good Speakers Know How To Work A Room

Speakers who want to be successful know that they have to connect with their audience. How to do this is the ultimate question that we’ve struggled with for years. I’m not claiming that I have all of the answers, but when I recently gave a keynote speech I had a chance to practice my “working … Read more