How A Speaker Should Accept An Award

There is a right way and a wrong way to accept an award

We all like to to be recognized for our accomplishments. What this means is that when we have done something that is memorable, people like to give us awards to celebrate our accomplishments. These are fantastic times – in front of our coworkers, peers, and potentially even our family members and friends, we get to … Read more

Everything Is Better When You Do It As A Group!

Group presentations require a different type of speech preparation

By now I’m pretty sure that most of us are somewhat comfortable with the concept of giving a speech by ourselves. Yes, it can be a very nerve racking thing to do, but over time we get used to the process of understanding the importance of public speaking and accepting the opportunity, creating a speech, … Read more

How to Rehearse Your Speech Effectively

Note: This article has been provided by Jonathan Li. Jonathan is a School Presentation Coach who helps college and university students overcome fear, transform presentation skills and launch their dream career. For more information, go to To give a great speech, it’s important to rehearse well. In the next few minutes, you will learn … Read more

How Speakers Handle That FEAR Thing…

Remember when your Mom was tucking you into your bed at night and she told you that there was nothing to be afraid of so that you could go to sleep? Well guess what, she was only partially right. It turns out that a whole lot of us havea deep down fearof getting up in … Read more

5 Ways To Deliver A Disastrous Presentation

So you can find self-help info on how to deliver better presentations just about anywhere on the web (including this blog!); however, where can you find guidance on how to really deliver a disastrous presentation? Well fear not, that’s what we’ll cover today… Monica is one of my friends who is a professional speaker by … Read more