7 Secrets To Getting Your Adult Audience To Learn From Your Presentation

So why should anyone take the time to attend your presentation? Unless you are Paris Hilton (hi Paris!) or former President Clinton, you probably don’t have enough star power alone to pull people to your presentation. So what’s a presenter to do? These days with everyone being overworked and so stressed for time, the one … Read more

Make Your Audience Sit Up, Take Notice, And Learn At Your Next Presentation

Some presentations are designed to simply motivate your audience. Some are designed to educate them. It’s this second batch that is tricky to do. It’s probably not that your presentations are lacking in educational material, but rather it’s the way that you are delivering it that really matters. You need to find a way to … Read more

Arrgh! Isn’t There A Law Against Giving Bad Presentations?

I probably need to apologize in advance for this rant — I’ve finally reached my breaking point. I somehow got myself trapped in a presentation on changes to my 401k retirement program. I guess that I should start by admitting that I really can’t think of a much more boring topic to talk about in … Read more

How To Get Your Message To Stick w/ Everyone!

How many times has this happened: you’ve got an important message to get across, you work hard to put together the best presentation that you can, you practice-practice-practice, and then when you finally deliver your piece de resistance you can clearly see that some folks in the audience are getting it while others have tuned … Read more