Emergency!: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong During A Speech And What To Do About Them

Giving a speech in front of an audience can be one of the most nerve racking things that you’ll ever do. I’d like to be able to tell you to just take your time, focus on the words that you want to say and everything will turn out ok. However, all too often events conspire … Read more

Inside The Mind Of A Heckler

It’s All About Control If you could wish for just one thing before you give your next speech in public, what would it be? Sure we’d all like to be able to talk like Tony Robbins, move a crowd like Zig Ziglar, or even have a powerful story to tell like Rudy Giuliani. However, I’m … Read more

The Hassle Of Hecklers

Just What Is A Heckler Anyway? Just imagine your next presentation. You’ve studied your audience, researched your topic, created a speech, and practiced, practiced, practiced. You take the stage and start to smoothly deliver your speech. Just a few minutes into your speech, you become aware of someone, gasp, talking. We’re not talking about quiet … Read more

Handling Hecklers: 5 Ways That Presenters Can Restore Order

How does that children’s rhyme go? “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Bull! If there is one thing that presenters dread more than forgetting their lines, it’s having someone add to their speech without an invitation. Unlike President Obama we don’t have a flock of Secret Service agents … Read more

Public Speaking Problem: Too Many Questions (From One Person)!

As though speaking in public was not difficult enough! Just about every technical presentation ends up with the obligatory “Question & Answers” opportunity for the audience at the end of the speech. There are actually three ways your presentation can go at this point in time: (1) nobody asks any questions – sorta embarrassing, but … Read more