Talking Business: Tips For Speaker Success

Giving a speech in a business environment, specifically to a group of senior managers, can be one of the most difficult speeches that any of us will ever be called on to give. However, even this type of speech can be done smoothly and will allow you to be seen as an effective communicator if … Read more

Public Speaking Requires A Voice That People Want To Hear

Going to the effort to prepare and deliver a speech is a big deal. As long as you are going to make the effort to do all of this, you sure want your audience to get the most out of your speech – you want to change lives (that’s one of the benefits of public … Read more

#1 Secret All Successful Public Speakers Know (And You Should Too)

You’ve got fantastic thing to tell your audience. They are lucky enough to be able to sit in the room when you give a speech. If you want to do a good job of connecting with your audience, then you’ve got to know and put into practice the most important secret that all successful public … Read more

5 Advanced Public Speaking Practice Techniques

Are you ready to kick your speaking skills up to the next level? If you are, then do you know how to become better? If you are thinking that you need to get one of those “fancy word of the day” calendars to practice with, that’s not going to do it. In fact, the secret … Read more

Public Speaking Practice? We Don’t Need No Stinking Practice…

So what makes a speech a really good speech? Is it that you are “on fire” when you deliver it? Does your audience need to be “in the mood” to hear what you are going to tell them? Or is the magic of the words that you’ve put together that will allow you to connect … Read more

The 4 Parts Of Your Speaking Style That You Need To Control

Speakers who are facing a challenging speech or challenging audience often ask themselves what they could do in order to be more successful. Sure, there are a lot of tricks out there that one can use to capture an audience’s attention and make them laugh a few times. However, if you really want to deliver … Read more

What To Do When You Say The Wrong Thing During A Presentation

I’m sure that none of you would ever screw-up and make a verbal blunder during a presentation, right? There is an AT&T ad running right now that captures this concept – a guy has just told an office about an upcoming merger when he really was supposed to have not mentioned it (mayhem ensues). When … Read more

Presentation Practice: How Much Is Enough?

So you’ve got a big presentation / speech coming up. How many times should you practice your speech before you give it for real? This is actually a very good question that most presenters either forget to ask themselves or come up with the wrong answer to. We all know that practice makes perfect so … Read more