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7 – Change – Page 7 – The Accidental Communicator

You Have Much To Learn Grasshopper: What The Great Communicators Can Teach Us

What would Jack Welch tell you to do in your next presentation?

So you’ve been picked to give a presentation at the next team/department/company gathering. You sit down with a blank computer screen, bring up PowerPoint and as you stare at that blank slide you can almost see your career going into a tailspin and hurtling towards a flaming crash. Great, now what do you do? Why … Read more

IM Etiquette: R U Good At It?

IM is horrible. Long live IM. Perhaps depending on when you were born, we all have different views of the value of Instant Messaging (IM). If you’ve ever worked as a part of a widely distributed team, then like me you probably realize that it’s anincredibly valuable tool — if used correctly. It turns out … Read more