How Speakers Handle That FEAR Thing…

Remember when your Mom was tucking you into your bed at night and she told you that there was nothing to be afraid of so that you could go to sleep? Well guess what, she was only partially right. It turns out that a whole lot of us havea deep down fearof getting up in … Read more

It’s Amazing What A Speaker Can Learn By Watching YouTube

Just how does one become a better public speaker? I mean let’s be serious here, you do want to get better, don’t you? Pretty much any book that you read on the subject or class that you attend in order to build up your skills will tell you the same time — if you really … Read more

Real World Speaking: A Trip To See The Doctor

We can talk about how to give great speeches until we are blue in the face; however, it ultimately comes down to just how well all of the things that we’ve discussed are put into practice that will determine how effective our talks are. I recently had a chance to attend a series of presentations … Read more

Ambush: When Experienced Speakers Develop New Public Speaking Fears

Even the most accomplished public speakers can develop a sudden phobia about speaking in public. In order to get over this phobia, you need to recognize what kind it is and how to deal with it. These phobias can show up out of the blue and you’ll never see them coming. Judith Pearson is an … Read more

A Presenter’s Greatest Threat: Self-Sabotage!

A few years back I found myself in a situation where I had allowed myself to get roped into delivering a presentation to a university class. I was going to be talking about what I had learned during my IT career – a somewhat painful and introspective topic. My excitement level was at zero. I … Read more

How To Quickly Move From Good To Great Presentations

So why do you care about how good of a presenter you are? Hey, if you’ve been able to keep from bursting into flames when you address a staff meeting, a department, or even bigger gatherings then haven’t you really done enough? For many people, the answer to this question is “yes”. And they just … Read more

SMART Goal Setting Tips For Those Of Us Who Give Presentations

So you’ve given a few presentations (or maybe you’ve give a lot of ’em). You feel relatively comfortable when you stand in front of a group of people and talk. You may not really like doing this, but you are reasonably sure that you are not going to faint or burst into flames while you … Read more

Psst: Four More Great Communicators Want To Talk To You

If your heart is beating fast, your palms are getting sweaty, and your stomach is not feeling so good, then perhaps you’ve been asked to give a presentation. Maybe you are normally quite calm and easy going when giving presentations; however, this time around the stakes are just a little bit higher (is the CIO/CEO … Read more