Bridging Communication Barriers When We Speak

Speakers need to know to connect with people around the world

Just going to the effort of creating and delivering a speech is a big challenge. However, once you start to spend some time thinking about who you’ll be talking to, this challenge can become an even bigger deal. When we realize that just about every audience that we’ll be talking to will contain people from … Read more

International Humor: Is It Even Possible For A Speaker?

Being asked to speak before an international audience can be a big complement – not that many speakers can do this successfully. If you choose to make the most of your audience’s listening skills and work some humor into your speech, well then more power to you. However, you’ve got quite the challenge lying before … Read more

Going Global: How To Give A Presentation Internationally

As if being a public speaker for a day wasn’t hard enough, just try taking yourself out of your home territory and plopping you down somewhere else in the world. Can you just image the amount of trouble that you could get yourself into quickly? We work hard to create a presentation that will capture … Read more