How To Run A Meeting That Has Speakers

In all of the time and effort that we put into creating and preparing to present a speech, all too often we don’t spend enough time thinking about the one key feature that may have a very big impact on how our speech goes: the quality of the meeting that we’ll be speaking at. It […]

See What I Mean? How Speakers Can Use Eye Contact To Connect

So there you are, standing up in front of all of those people giving your speech. We all know about importance of public speaking, but I wonder what they are thinking about? I wonder if they are wondering what you are thinking about while you are giving your speech? Sure, they’ve got great listening skills, […]

Never Be Lonely Again: How To Include Your Audience In Your Speech

Why Does Giving A Speech Have To Be So Lonely? Let’s face it – anyone can give a speech. However, not anyone can give a good speech. It sure seems as though if you’re going to go to all of the effort of preparing and delivering a speech, you sure would like to do a […]

Going Global: How To Give A Presentation Internationally

As if being a public speaker for a day wasn’t hard enough, just try taking yourself out of your home territory and plopping you down somewhere else in the world. Can you just image the amount of trouble that you could get yourself into quickly? We work hard to create a presentation that will capture […]