Why Don’t You Act Like A Presenter During Your Presentation?

Previously we had discussed the fact that any presentation that you give is really sort of like a one person show – if you know how to act, then you’ll be more effective. The challenge, of course, is that very few of us have been trained to be an actor. Additionally, we tend to think … Read more

SMART Goal Setting Tips For Those Of Us Who Give Presentations

So you’ve given a few presentations (or maybe you’ve give a lot of ’em). You feel relatively comfortable when you stand in front of a group of people and talk. You may not really like doing this, but you are reasonably sure that you are not going to faint or burst into flames while you … Read more

Killing Time Until YOU Run The World — How To Use Quotes In Your Next Speech

Man, once you are in charge, things are going to be different around here! Specifically, you won’t have to work so hard to convince your audience that they should see things your way. However, until that day arrives, perhaps it would be worth our time to take a look at a few ways to persuade … Read more

Arrgh! Isn’t There A Law Against Giving Bad Presentations?

I probably need to apologize in advance for this rant — I’ve finally reached my breaking point. I somehow got myself trapped in a presentation on changes to my 401k retirement program. I guess that I should start by admitting that I really can’t think of a much more boring topic to talk about in … Read more