4 Things A Public Speaker Needs To Know About WebConferencing

So is delivering a presentation over the web easier or harder than delivering it to a live audience? Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page, let’s agree on what webconferencing is (hint: it’s not sending your PowerPoint presentation to someone via email). For our purposes, we can define webconferencing as a … Read more

Welcome To The Pod: Tips On Podcasting For Public Speakers

So speaking in front of a real, live audience is a great way to communicate. However, we don’t always get to control the world that we live in and so sometimes it’s just not possible to have you (the speaker) in the same place as all of the people who need to hear your message … Read more

Public Speaking Problem: Too Many Questions (From One Person)!

As though speaking in public was not difficult enough! Just about every technical presentation ends up with the obligatory “Question & Answers” opportunity for the audience at the end of the speech. There are actually three ways your presentation can go at this point in time: (1) nobody asks any questions – sorta embarrassing, but … Read more

5 Ways To Deliver A Disastrous Presentation

So you can find self-help info on how to deliver better presentations just about anywhere on the web (including this blog!); however, where can you find guidance on how to really deliver a disastrous presentation? Well fear not, that’s what we’ll cover today… Monica is one of my friends who is a professional speaker by … Read more

I Want To Be Just Like Steve Jobs

Well, at least I sure would like to be able to give a speech like he does. Just in case anyone has been living under a rock for the past week or so, Steve Jobs rolled out the next version of the iPhone at the WWDC 2008 conference. Steve, as always, did a great job … Read more

Do IT CEO’s Communicate Better Than Common Folk?

Greetings from Las Vegas! I’m currently attending a very large trade show that is put on by the giant storage company EMC. This year it’s being held in Las Vegas and so far I’m only down about $100 or so; however, the conference goes for another two days so I can financially hurt myself still … Read more

Constructive Criticism: “How Can I Say This Nicely?”

Last week I was invited to sit in on two sets of presentations by junior members of a very large telecommunication firm’s IT department. They are part of a management training program and the program’s instructors asked me to visit because they had had some guest presenters who were *really* bad. The hope was that … Read more