Welcome To The Passive Aggressive Games!

Thanks to millions of years of evolution, we are all pretty good at recognizing situations in which we are called on to compete. Our communication skills are tuned to allow us to make ourselves heard in these situations and to get our point across. Which is why we all seem to do such a poor … Read more

I Want To Be Just Like Steve Jobs

Well, at least I sure would like to be able to give a speech like he does. Just in case anyone has been living under a rock for the past week or so, Steve Jobs rolled out the next version of the iPhone at the WWDC 2008 conference. Steve, as always, did a great job … Read more

IM Etiquette: R U Good At It?

IM is horrible. Long live IM. Perhaps depending on when you were born, we all have different views of the value of Instant Messaging (IM). If you’ve ever worked as a part of a widely distributed team, then like me you probably realize that it’s anincredibly valuable tool — if used correctly. It turns out … Read more

How To Write A Speech

< I was asked to give a speech for a local company’s “high achievers” group a little while back. It had been quite some time since I had actually had to sit down and think long and hard about what message I really wanted to get across to an audience. This made me go do … Read more

Get ‘Em To Understand, Get ‘Em To Remember

Sigh, so you’ve spent all that time collecting your information, writing the report, making the slides and even created a great handout. Now how much of your presentation do you really think that your audience will remember 30 minutes after you are done, 1 hour later, 1 day later, how about at the end of … Read more

Differences Count When You Are Presenting

Ok, so you’ve got a big presentation coming up and you know that you want to make a difference and have the audience walk away with a good understanding of the complex info that you are going to present. What can you do to really make sure that you key points get hammered home? Setting … Read more

How To Connect With Your Audience

So let’s talk turkey: no matter how complex or technical the information that you are trying to communicate is, nor what setting you are trying to communicate it in, just how can you go about getting what you have to say to “stick” in your audience’s minds? What can you say or do that is … Read more